Great New Reads on Visual Practice

I have recently been asked to review a few books on and products for the visual practice, and each of them has been a delight to discover.  I thought I would take a moment here to make note as people often ask me for recommended reads and tools in this area.

In Visual Leaders: New Tools for Visioning, Management, and Organization Change, David Sibbet shows his strength in putting visual work to practice in change management and visioning.  Another great release to join his previous releases of visual meetings and visual teams. Great references and practice work for anyone in the field and others interested in putting visuals to practice.

Mike Rohde has produced a great Handbook to the art of Sketchnotes that provides an equally accessible resource for practitioners and those new to the art.  A piece of art in itself, the book practices what it preaches as he delivers his content in sketchnote format.  His invitation to others to share their styles and tips makes for both entertaining and enlightening perusal. Last but not least he invites you to play and learn within the pages.  Enjoy!

Sketching at work by Martin Eppler is a great guide to practical application of visual tools for strategic collaboration and communication in business.  He invites the reader to explore the world of visuals from diagrams to free hand drawing.  The newest book, coming soon is fully interactive.  We need to wait a bit for the English version, but it will be worth the wait if I know Martin.


Another brilliant release from the innovative mind of Jim Marggraff, the inventor behind Leapfrog educational tools.  I got hooked on using the Livescribe at SxSW last year, but this latest is what I have been waiting for, WiFi.  Livescribe 4 GB Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen (APX-00011)  Like freeing your heels when telemarking skiing, this pen frees us from the cables that bind us synching handwritten notes with our digital lives beautifully.

While I am at it, I will mention my favorite tools for digital sketchnoting:

Brushes3 App for iPad and my faithful Bamboo Stylus and extra tips (a must when doing events – always carry a spare!)


Bamboo_Stylus-2What are your favourite tools?  Any new reads?  There are some great books out there. Some are still in translation.


Keep an eye out for the English version of Mia Nillson’s Låt Bilden Göra Jobbet, coming soon with increased visuals in content.

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Understanding Motivation and Consciousness


The counsellor explained my Meyers-Briggs (MBTI) and Strong Interest (SII) Inventory scores. “INTJ, well suited for leadership,” she said.  I would do well in marketing or advertising, something senior, she continued.  What came next was like listening to a fortune-teller, especially as I consider where I am now, 20 years later.  I would definitely get a PhD, someday.  I am not sure whether the telling directed my path or my personality itself.  But here I am at “someday” in my journey to PhD.

Tools, tools, tools, they all seem the same.  Each provide a little more insight into where we are best/worst suited to work, what kinds of roles we would/wouldn’t be good at, what we should/should not do and so on.  The tools have not changed much in the last two decades.  Since then, social technologies have changed the roles and requirements of leadership to one more dependent on relationships. I set out on this stage of my journey to understand the tools currently used to measure leadership potential and their ability to accommodate this evolution.  For the purposes of this post, I will focus on the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI).

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