Learning Styles and Social Strategy

I made a promise to myself recently to be more true to that which I teach: the importance of learning, fun and visual communication. These are all elements of evolving as a social strategist. Searching for the best route to clarity: communicating complex concepts in easy to understand forms. Often when dealing with the global element of my work, verbal language and culture differences bring out the importance of seeking alternate approaches to achieving clarity. Read More

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Patience, Patience, Patience

Picnic while searching for mushrooms in Huså

The best bit of advice I ever received was from my father-in-law during our wedding over a decade ago. He said the best way to make relationships last is “patience, patience, patience.” This of course, was said with his delightful smirk, knowing full well what this would mean at times. So I beg your patience as I settle into my new role of researcher, teacher and student as I commence my doctoral studies.


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