Changing Places and Platforms and Names

After a long Summer break with feet in the sand and sea (yes, we all need that sometimes), I am coming back to the blog to say that it soon will be moving. I find that with the increase of people in my network accessing from China, the less accessible I am. I have used Google blogger with YouTube as my host for a long time, but alas, I think it is time to move on (at least for business purposes).

At the beginning of Summer, I made the leap, or plunge to go back to Apple. I converted my phone, my laptop, my desktop, my network and even invested in an iPad for development of the forthcoming interactive “book” development. This has left me with a Summer of relearning and discovering the world of Apple and how to do what I need from this platform designed for user-friendliness. My old html coded webpage has to be redesigned and images need tweaking, but I am loving the ability to finally edit my films that I have been accumulating. So there are a lot of good things to come.

With time to reflect, I realized that the majority of my time being dedicated to advisory services and workshops based on the Art of Social Strategy. I need to move away from 2BalanceU as a brand to avoid confusion. So I will be moving my blog and my website shortly (don’t worry this will all link over so you need not go looking for it) to one carrying my name.

Oh yes, and lastly (but not least), the demand for my services is greater than my available time, without diminishing the quality. (This is a blessing, thank you, I do appreciate your interest.) There are after all, only so many hours in the day and days in the week. First, I will be bringing in some interns this Fall to train them to run the workshops and help with keeping the research and cases up to date (nothing like stimulating the economy with more work). Plus, I will be collaborating with several organizations and groups to create learning materials that you can be used both online and off in an interactive way.

So as they say, back to work!

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