Expert: Companies miss chances on Twitter

several people have asked me for an English translation of the article by Thomas Lövgren in Metro Teknik (22 April 2010) So here, it is.  I hope the translation is ok.
Many companies have no strategy when they use social media, according to advisers. A clear policy is needed to encourage businesses to make better use of employees’ social skills.  Social media is a buzzword reminiscent of blogs, micro blogs and Facebook. For many, social media is a way to talk with friends and meet people with similar interests.
This is also a the perception that many companies have. But it also means that companies are in danger of missing out on the opportunities social media can offer, “says Heidi Forbes Öste, Adviser in communication and social media.
Companies with a clear strategy would be able to channel the workers’ social skills in order to gather tips, information and establish important contacts.
Each company also has a background story, to attract people through social media, it is important that the story be communicated clearly. 
– It is important to know who they want to be, to explain their company’s identity, “says Heidi Forbes Öste.
For employees to use social media at work requires a vigorous but brief policy so that people know what they can say and not say.
– If it is ten pages long, no one reads it says Heidi Forbes Öste.
Heidi Forbes Öste’s five tips to consider when investing in social media in your business.
1st Have a strategy that clearly communicated internally.
2nd Invest only in social media, that are value added for your business.
3rd Be consistent and relevant with information that employees use externally
4th Be patient: Building relationships takes time.
5th Social media should affect all areas of the organization to get the best returns.
6th Invest in one’s own social platform, where employees can share information and knowledge internally that is accessible to all employees where relevant.

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