There is something beautiful in the concept of “clarity.” What I have semantically mistaken for “simple” has been corrected to “clear.” In the process I have found clarity. When we draw our stories for use in strategy sessions, the ultimate goal is to find the clarity in our voice and our vision. It is not about making things less complex, but rather about making complex concepts easier to understand. Coming from the perspective of keeping things positive, I really like this approach and better way of expressing it. (Thanks for fixing my semantics, GK Van Patter, Humantific)

Applying my new semantics, my presentation on Social Business Strategy had greater resonance. For after all what we are trying to achieve in workshops is create a greater understanding of complex concepts in a short period of time. I like to refer to it as teaching us what we already know with a new approach to applying them. It is not as if we don’t already know that if we express ourselves more clearly people will understand our message or our intention. “Get to the point.”,”K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)”, “Elevator pitch”, “vision statement”, they all have something critical in common – clarity. For communications professionals, Clarity, is where they excel and where their skills are overwhelmingly needed. The channels and audiences can vary as long as you have a clarity in your story and vision for your strategy.

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