Breath Before Launch

The pace of life, work, family, home and all the little things that correspond them quickens after Summer. Different time zones and different seasons effecting everyone when the world becomes a little smaller. We all seem to make it work somehow. But today I remind myself to breath. With the launch a week away and my assistant on personal leave there is little else to do but take it one moment at a time. I wish her the best to deal with the challenge that lies ahead. We have come so far, and yet this is only the beginning. So, breath,…..

The user site will be up and running on next week. It has been a long time coming. We are back to basics. The groundwork is laid and we will see how “she” fares in this great big world. Introductions have been. She’s been given advice on how to behave in special circumstances. She has some old friends to support her and will be introduced to many new ones. She is ready to learn and to share. The beauty of this beast is that she is a dynamic living thing that learns from her interactions and can share what she learns with those who will benefit most from it. She may feel overwhelmed at times by the attention, and we will do what we can to nurture her and help her grow. But we hope you will love her as much as we do.

It is our turn to “breath” while she shows her face to the world.

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