Women’s Leadership and Empowerment

Day two of the Women’s Leadership and Empowerment conference in Busan, Korea. The people in this country our gracious, generous and a pleasure to work with. The women here are excited to learn more about building bridges and opening their hearts and minds to the West. I feel a bit like my children as I am just soaking in all the new tastes, sounds and experiences. We closed this evening with karaoke in a “Singing Room” which was delightful. After a day of serious talks and presentations I feel refreshed from a few good belly laughs.

The women here are serious about creating change. It is inspiring the way they are reaching out for new ideas and creating some of their own. The hosts are the founders of the Busan Women and Family Institute. It was a great honor to present the first keynote address at the opening. I was pleased to see a familiar face in the following keynote, presented by Dr. Amany Asfour of the Egyptian Business Women’s Association (one of our partners). There was much talk of cooperation and collaboration and how we can help each other grow. Sharing the belief that we are not global unless we include participation from all continents we connected immediately. Economic empowerment for women, greater access to education and knowledge sharing all were common themes. It is easy to optimistic after this experience. The Millenium Goals are attainable, we just need to work together.

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Small World

I am always encouraged when paths recross and networks are bridged. Recently coming across a former classmate from my early early years, I was delighted to see that we have been working in similar areas. Thank you Farah for your work and kudos to you. Keep it up. I always knew you were born to be a leader.

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Journal Women

I was happy to hear in a press release that the Wall Street Journal has finally launched a section for professional women. “Journal Women,” as described in a Dow Jones press release is “a place where ambitious professional and executive women can come together to read and share ideas on work, family and the intersection of the two.” Combining the efforts of independent journals like “Pink” and “Enterprising Women” trends seem to be going in the right direction of catering to the thinking women of action. Great job to all of you. I look forward to seeing more.

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Women in Rwanda rise and inspire

Once again I am inspired and awestruck by the power of women rising together in the spirit of sharing and survival. This video on the entrepreneurial spirit of women thriving despite their conditions fuels my passion for growing 2Balanceu and ensuring it is available for all women around the world. By supporting women as family, community and business builders, change can happen. By connecting these women to distributors in need of their goods, we can all be part of change. Thank you ladies for providing such a positive example.

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Thank you Madeleine

I love this intro by Madeleine Albright as I feel that she is a beautiful representation of what we all should and could aspire to be. Thank you Madeleine for your dedication and passion. It is empowering for all of us to see your authenticity shine through in your work and you.

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Stop and Smell the Lilacs

It is crunch time as we prepare for the launch of the new 2BalanceU. There are never enough hours in the day. We are excited, exhausted, exhilarated and extremely happy that the time is finally coming near when we can share it with the world. The process has, like most typical entrepreneurial endeavors, been one of many learning experiences, some pleasant and some painful. But we have come through with what we believe to be an expression of our passion and vision.
All this is wonderful, despite the extra hours and hard labour. But today, I am making a point of reminding myself to stop and smell the lilacs (for that is what is in full bloom here). I received an email this morning from a dear friend that is battling cancer. I feel blessed that she was willing to share her experience with us in reaching out. Today is dedicated to Alejandra. I am wishing her the greatest in strength, health and courage as she continues her battle. I will stop and smell the lilacs, hold my children a little closer, let out a big belly laugh when they misbehave and thank each and everyone of the people in my life that make it so rich. Despite all this craziness and my passion for my work, it would not be worth much if I did not have you in it.

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Alpha Feedback

Thank you to all the wonderful women who took time from their busy schedules to provide us with such great feedback on our new alpha. Your opinions and reactions are so important to us, as the site is for and about all of you. We are looking forward to fixing the bugs, ironing out the kinks and incorporating your suggestions and wow-ing you with the public user-based beta release in June. The redevelopment has been exciting and challenging. It is a pleasure to see that the work is paying off.

Thank you team for getting us so far in such a short time, Cassandra (the best assistant in the world, otherwise known as my “back-up brain”), Alex and the Solution Grove team. Keep up the great work team!

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