Opportunity in Miscommunication

I have often found opportunity in miscommunication. Perhaps this comes from the simple fact of being in a bi-cultural bi-lingual marriage. When in a relationship, we often forget to confirm that what we interpret is what is meant. This is the ultimate practice of listening without judgment. Having the luxury to assume that all communications carry with them the possibility of misused language, I often take the time to try to understand what is really being said and why. This has been hugely helpful in both my relationship with my spouse and my interactions with professional and personal peers. It is easy to have an emotional reaction. I do believe that most people’s intentions are good, even if there communications skills may need some work. Sometimes we do need to remember to simply breath.

It is not to say that I never miscommunicate. Quite the contrary. But one of the most generous gifts that one can give is the chance to undo a miscommunication to understand the true intent. So I thank you who take the time to listen and let me know when I am not communicating well.

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Building Bridges

Sometimes building bridges is harder than one might perceive. Despite the benefits of connecting two complementary destinations, resistance, mistrust and fear often create barriers enough to slow and even disrupt the building process. Resistance to change, mistrust of motivation and fear of loss of control can be very destructive to any relationship.

It takes time to decrease resistance, build trust and comfort fear. Time is something we all have, but often if too much time is lost, many opportunities have been missed. If we never trust or take chances, will we ever learn anything beyond what is within our narrow perception of how things are?

Accepting bridges creates change, and resistance will be strong. When offered without cost, there is mistrust of something that is for nothing. Rest assured, it is not for nothing. You must be willing to cross the bridge, to interact on the other side, and to share your experiences on your return. Fear of loss of control is natural. In all stages of growth, there are moments of unpredictability. That does not mean that we should forgo opportunities to learn and grow.

Mixing cultures, growing our communities, opening them to new ideas and even criticism can be very scary. We all benefit in the long run, sometimes we just have to build that bridge and take a walk across.

As a builder of bridges, I am often confronted with these emotions from both sides. Wisdom is powerful, and shared wisdom is far greater. My vision is to create a social enterprise that harnesses shared wisdom to empower women globally to achieve their greatest potential and satisfaction.

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Making a Difference

We all want to make a difference with our actions. Whether the difference goes noticed or not may be where we vary. 2BalanceU is build with the vision of empowering women through knowledge to create stronger communities, families, countries and naturally individuals. This is all about making the world a better place and allowing us to enjoy both the process and the result.

Why then should we not have the opportunity to make a difference in our own way, whether big or small? We enable women to discover the resources available to them and to rediscover themselves as a resource for others. This is critical to the way women interact. When moving through our lives, transitions often lead us to unknowns. We want to connect to other women who can relate and who we can trust in their opinions. Our time is precious, so we want good answers fast. Juggling everything from career, home, aging parents, staying fit and intellectually stimulated, relationships, travel to life’s unexpected occurrences, we can help each other be strong enough to take the dips and enjoy the rises.

As leaders in our communities, we must recognize that whether in a leading or supporting role, our balance is critical. Like an infectious smile, we can teach our communities, both professional and personal, to thrive on balance. With balance, we can achieve far more, with greater satisfaction. It is this balance that we strive for.

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