Self Caring instead of Self Indulgence

In most modern societies we are lead to believe that taking time for ourselves is self-indulgent. Recent studies are showing the contrary. Taking time to nurture ourselves is not only necessary but rather not taking the time to do so, is counter productive. Women are often the last person to leave the office, pack their own bags, feed themselves a nutritious meal, go to the doctor, or get sleep. We are running ourselves down and diminishing our ability to be effective in all areas of our lives. Not only that, when we do take the time to do these things, we feel guilty. This is SO wrong. We need to break this cycle.

Not only studies, but also logic proves that when tired and stressed we are ineffective and often not satisfied with our accomplishments. Taking the time to recharge through a fitness routine, a nap, a moment to read for pleasure, or pamper our physical self with a massage to remove the knots of stress is essential. These are not indulgences unless we treat them that way. We feel better after we take the time to do them and are revitalized enough to be effective in the other areas of our lives. It is amazing what one can accomplish with a good night’s rest.

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Women Sharing Wisdom

Round the world we are the same
Inside the different shades and names
Seeking balance in transition
It’s a woman’s constant mission

Our ambitions are unique
In the fortunes that we seek
Often fueled by inspiration
Shared success and new creations

Often too much information
Hard to reach our destination
Connecting peers to what we know
We both seem to learn and grow

Never turn down invitations
They often exceed expectations
If they don’t then nothing’s lost
A moment’s time is all they cost.

We were women before mothers
We were single before lovers
We’re alone before we’re friends
We all have wisdom to lend.

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Pearls of Wisdom are Plentiful

The daily discovery of pearls of wisdom that enrich each of our lives fascinate me. Sharing these often occurs over a cup of coffee, a brief interaction or sometimes in passing over a glass of wine (funny how beverages are often involved). Often all it takes is the simple initiation of a question by one party. Over the last few weeks, I have learned of new places, new tricks, new ideas, and even reminded of old ones that suite my needs and had been forgotten. New memories and faces have become part of my permanent record or wisdom and knowledge.

Each of these occurrences simply validates the need and desire for 2BalanceU and encourages me to continue our efforts in the direction that we head. Women wish to connect to share and learn from each other. They thrive on both the learning and the giving of these pearls. They are like old family jewels they are often hidden beneath the layers and appreciated so much more when discovered.

Our lives are enriched with the passing of the pearls. We admire for them for their timeless beauty and value.

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Establishing Boundaries

With summer upon us, we are enticed by the warm weather and temptation to drop everything and head on vacation. Despite slowing and even closing in some places, the business world continues forward. In between the collecting of things shiny and beautiful washed upon the shore, the building and flying of kites the job still needs to get done.

Without having to live Blackberry-in-hand, establishing clear boundaries is essential. Live in the moment in order to enjoy both the satisfaction of deal closings and the joy of children’s laughter. Organization is critical. Close the door to avoid distraction both during work-time and play-time. Allow yourself the time to recharge and live your authentic self.

Sitting on the porch watching the sun rise over the trees, an inner smile warms my soul. The steaming mug heats the morning mist on my palms and fingertips, as I drink in the aroma of fresh coffee. This is vacation to me. I will be back in the office later (or at least the room I have designated as one for our time away). Pushing that to the back of my mind, I let the noises of the house waking and the morning bustle begin. I’m recharged and ready to share again.

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Pace Adjustment

Visiting in your hometown can often lead to reaction of wonder. Going through transitions we often have to kick into full gear to get from one state to the other. Our experiences are multiplied. Others are not left behind, but rather in the same place as before. This is comforting, knowing we can return finding everything the way we left it. But it is also disturbing as it emphasizes just how different we are.

The Pace may not need adjusting, but perception often does. Seek balance in the pace of adjustment (avoid the crash and burn) and maintain connections. Identify things you miss and appreciate them with a new perspective. Seek those with similar experiences to open up to new friends from old places. Accept that not everyone will understand, or appreciate, where we are now is simply reality. Share for the sake of learning and connecting.

True friends will be there regardless of pace. Interactions are timeless and fresh. Honor those whose friendship does not rely on comfort in sameness but rather in quality and depth of connection. I feel blessed to have friends who challenge me to seek my potential.

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